Thursday, September 12, 2013

Half Price Tutors

High Quality Tutors at Half the Price of Tutoring Services?

In case you ever wondered, "Hey, I don't think I can handle this class," you might find yourself thumbing through the ads of a Google search. You might find a few paid ads and a few of the savvy freebies, and you might have even called a few. What you may not have realized is tutoring isn't cheap. In fact, most services have to charge you at least $45 an hour just to make costs. (They gotta pay their tutors right?) So how do you find a tutor who doesn't cost and arm and a leg but doesn't pose the risk of stealing your calculator or who will look "creepy" or call you stupid or whatever at your first visit?

Well, you might just have to tough it out and take the plunge: Craigslist San Luis Obispo!

Craiglist is not a bad idea, but it too has its risks. The money you save and the risks you take, well, there are plenty. The tutor may not know enough about your class, or know anything at all, or he or she just may be "creepy."

Now imagine what it's like for the tutors taking a chance on a Craigslist or even working for a tutoring service. So often students don't show up or can't pay them in advance, like with a credit card, which is ideal to ensure you do show up. So often tutors are forced to join a reputable yet expensive service just so they can make peanuts and put up with hassles of only getting one or two students, often barely paying for the price of gas.

What is the solution to expensive tutoring services?

Now imagine there is a solution. A tutors union. A non tutoring service, tutoring agency, composed of tutors dedicated to helping you and helping each other. That's right, a tutoring service per se of tutors who set their own rates, evaluate each other, and share the benefits of mutual collaboration all in effort to save you a bundle on your tutoring costs.

That's what Half Price Tutors is all about. The perfect solution? Hell yeah! Give us a try so you too can benefit from the quality a tutoring service provides while paying only the cost an individual, private tutor would charge, who isn't creepy or who won't steal your calculator.

Why Half Price Tutors?

Free Consultation with an experienced local tutor or licensed teacher. What that means is you get to meet for an hour first and if you like you what you see, then you pay. You can pay first, of course, so we know you will show up!

Experienced Tutors who can offer sophisticated advice and expertise on any subject you need help with, including college and career advice. We are your one stop tutoring firm.

Professional Tutors who have to pass the litmus tests set by their peers. Since all of our tutors meet and know each other, and get to make money referring students to each other, there is no way we want an unprofessional tutor in our midst.

Cheap Cheap Cheapity Cheap Yeah, we said it, CHEAP! But good, too. Tutors charge what they want, and it still comes out to about half what a tutoring service costs.

To hire a tutor, become a student, or to help spread the word and make money doing so, visit our website at Anyone can earn commissions for sending us students or just folks who need quick answers to their questions.

Get a tutor for as little as $15 an hour or recommend us to your friends. You could make a bundle, up to $100 per referral. How? Well, you gotta make one call first.

To find out more, visit our website now or call 805-806-0834.

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